Mayfly Profile Dun

Mayfly Profile Dun

The Mayfly Profile Dun is a good choice when the olives (Baetis) are popping up from the river bed. This is a pattern that presents a clear body profile to hungry trout.

Spent Spinner Black Widow

Spent Spinner Black Widow

The Spent Spinner Black Widow is easy to spot on the river because of the puffy rabbit wings. The black body creates a nice contrast for the low light conditions, making it easy to spot for the trout as well.

Mayfly Gosling - Danica variant

Mayfly Gosling – Danica variant

This is a dry variant of the Gosling. The Mayfly Gosling – Danica Variant is a good alternative pattern when the most beautiful of all mayflies are hatching. I tend to use this fly when there is a slight breeze and the Mayfly is hatching in numbers.

Small Fall Baetis

A small fall Baetis

The Mohican Mayfly

The Mohican Mayfly 2.0 Ephemera Danica

The Mohican 2.0 is an extended body Mayfly that is based Olivier Edwards Mohican Mayfly pattern. This fly is virtually unsinkable and presents a convincing body and wing profile to the trout.  Tied correctly you can fish it throughout the day.

Drowning Quill Spinner

Drowning Quill Spinner

This effective fly is tied with a split badger tail, and represent a semi drowned spent spinner. The way the tails are tied, balances out the fly, and gives it good floatability. The Drowning Quill Spinner is in a family of similar curved spinner designs found in the spinner section on this site.

Completely Drowned Spinner


This is the spinner for the morning after a spinner fall. It’s tied on a radical emerger hook, and is meant to imitate a spent spinner that’s about to drown. I created this style after a night just observing a massive spinner fall som years ago.