This is the spinner for the morning after a spinner fall. It’s tied on a radical emerger hook, and is meant to imitate a spent spinner that’s about to drown. I created this style after a night just observing a massive spinner fall som years ago.


Not all spinners float on the water film. Quite often you’ll find several of the dead may flies as half or fully drowned creatures floating down the river.

This pattern was created after a night just observing how the spinners actually look on the water. Especially late in the hatch, or the morning after, you’ll find that those spent spinners are less spent than they used to be. They look like road accidents and are very often half or fully drowned.

You might think the design is to radical for your spinner fly box, but do not worry. It works very well in any spinner fall, and maybe best late in the cycle. If you’re early out fishing the day after a spinner fall, you might observe that fish still feed on spinners. Those are drowned left overs from yesterdays meal. At such situations, this pattern is perfect.

This fly is tied with a rusty turkey biot in the body and some FlyRite in the thorax. But mostly the hook I am using, does not allow for very much more than the tied-up hackle wing.

Try the pattern – I am pretty sure you’ll love it.


Hook: TMC 212y, size 12-18 Here size 13
Thread: Veevus 12/0 White, colored brown with Letraset ProMarker
Wing: Tied-up Hebert Miner Medium Dun Cape
Tail: Badger
Abdomen: Hareline Turkey Biot Rusty Spinner
Thorax: FlyRite #5 Rust and  #6 Chocolate Brown (60/40)

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Read more about the TMC 212y here

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant to thorax and wing, and let it float freely without any movement – dead drift. Use a long well tapered leader.