When summer hatches are past its peak, the olives turn small. Last season many struggled at Rena River (Norway) with those tiny Baetis. The small fall baetis is, with its wing design, perfect for those small mays in sizes 18-22.


We all struggle when the size of those olives max out on below hook size 18. To be honest, I do not like tiny olives – they are really difficult to fish. The tippet is 6X or thinner, and the hook sizes may get as small as 22.

This fly is tied based on last year’s observations, and is inspired by a great picture taken by Jon Terje Refsahl.

I do not know what kind of Baetidae this is, but I guess the observation on size, shape and color is sufficient to tie it. Trout don’t know Latin either.

I must stress that I have not tested this pattern, but will do so with high hopes this August and September when those micro flies start popping up from the river bed at the Rena River in Norway.

It’s a straight forward pattern tied on a small hook. This one is tied on a TMC 112TR size 17. Because of the short shank (2,5XS), the hook size is equivalent of a normal sized 22.

Be sparse on everything when you tie it. Split the tail to ensure stability and floatability. Be careful to balance the wing well.


Hook: TMC 112TR (2,5XS) size 17 or a standard dry fly hook sizes 20-22
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 Grey
Tail: Four Light Dun Fibettes – split
Wing: Three Blue Dun CdC Feadhers w/long barbules
Abdomen: Super Fine Pale Evening Dun
Thorax: Super Fine Blue Dun

Materials are listed in order of tying. Be easy on the dubbing

Read more about the TMC 112TR here.

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant such as Tiemco Dry Dip Super. Use a very long leader with a superfine tippet  – if you dare, use 7X. Even though its difficult with small flies – dead drift is optimal. A long leader and tippet will help with the drift.