Entries by Kjell S. Rakkenes

The Parachute Midge

You’re probably, as me, always looking for great midge patterns. The Parachute Midge is such a pattern. The Parachute Midge is as easy to tie as the CdC Midge, and just as effective on a midge hatch. The fly design is similar to the Rena Caddis pattern.

CdC and Elk Emerger

The CdC and Elk Emerger is part of a concept of its own. Created by Hans Weilenmann these flies are beautiful, easy to tie and catches fish like nothing else. They can be tied in several ways to imitate different stages of a life cycle. Longer elk wings yields an adult. These short wings creates […]

Vivelid Midge Buzzer

The Vivelid  Midge Buzzer is a great pattern I have “stolen” from Stig Vivelid-Nilsen who is also a member of the Winston Pro Staff. It’s not really an imitation, more like an midge attractor of some sort. It works, thats the point.