The CdC and Elk Emerger is part of a concept of its own. Created by Hans Weilenmann these flies are beautiful, easy to tie and catches fish like nothing else. They can be tied in several ways to imitate different stages of a life cycle. Longer elk wings yields an adult. These short wings creates a CdC and Elk Emerger.


This is one great fly with just two tying materials. One CdC feather and a pinch of deer hair.

Hans Weilenmann is in my opinion one of the best creators of flies in the world. I fish regularly with these patterns – especially this and the CdC & Elk Adult witch is a pattern that performs fantastic both during caddis and mayfly hatches.

The fly is made of just two different materials: One CdC feather and Deer Hair (no, not Elk). The second remarkable thing about it, is that the way the CdC is tied in, the barbules forms a shuck/trigger that really excites feeding fish.

I must admit that I was skeptical the first seasons I tried out these patterns. They are grey and rather dull looking dries. And, I did hear that during a normal mayfly hatch, when trout are just on average choosy, they perform great. And boy they do. The first year I fished them, they performed particularly well during the Aurivilli and Danica hatch (on size 12 and 10 hooks).


Hook: TMC 2488 sizes 12-16
Thread: Uni 8/0 Tan
Wing: Fine tipped deer hair, tied short/cut just above the eye
Abdomen: One natural CdC feather, type 1

The feather is fixed at the bend of the hook and spiraled forward. Drag barbules up and backwards to form the shuck.

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant. Can be fished both dead drift and and wet in the “swing”