One of the best attractor fly. A real classic this one. I use the Red Tag when there is no hatch on the water or I simply can’t figure out what to use. The Red Tag is both a trout and grayling fly. Also try to switch the rooster hackle with one from a hen – then you’ve got a great wet fly.


Not much to say about it. It’s old and it’s a classic. One of the best attractors in my opinion.


Hook: TMC 102Y size 12-16
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 Black
Tag: Red yarn or floss
Abdomen: Three strands of peacock hearl
Hackle: Ginger cock hackle

Apply superglue on shank before swirling the peacock herl

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant. Can be fished both dead drift and and wet in the “swing”