The Vivelid  Midge Buzzer is a great pattern I have “stolen” from Stig Vivelid-Nilsen who is also a member of the Winston Pro Staff. It’s not really an imitation, more like an midge attractor of some sort. It works, thats the point.


Sometimes coincidence comes with a gift. This buzzer pattern came just that – a gift for the 2015 fly fishing season. It is tied in small sizes and can be cumbersome to finish to perfection. Luckily the fish does not care.

It can be tied in several variations, but I guess the primary trigger for this one are the colors, the pearl tinsel in the tail and the buggy neck (either from seal, squirrel or hares ear).

After the 2015 season I’ll never leave home without it.


Hook: Mustad 94840 – sizes 16-20
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 Black or red
Tail: Ginger hackle barbs and pearl tinsel
Abdomen: FlyRite #13 Claret or Pheasant Tail
Rib: Silver Tinsel
Neck: Natural Hares Ear

Materials are listed in order of tying. Materials listed her are those used in the illustrations. Several others can be used.

Fishing Tips

Fished wet and just under the surface film. Can be fished alone, or preferably on a New Zeeland set-up with one or to Vivelid Buzzers as dropper flies. Dead drift in rivers or very carefully retrieved (hand twists)