Detached Body Caddis

Detached Body Caddis

The Detached Body Caddis is a buggy all-purpose pattern that should be in everyone’s fly box. In my waters it comes to good use in early summer when the small white winged bugs are emerging. The prime time for this one is in the first part of the season, and in the final stages of […]


Gunnar Bingens Dyret

Dyret is an animal in evenings. Catches fish when those swimming pupae are out. A great caddis imitation by one of the great creative fly tiers from Rena, Norway.

Stonefly Caddis

The Stonefly Caddis

The Stonefly Caddis does great on a caddis hatch. Equally it can be fished as a egg laying stonefly. The CdC under the deer hair wing creates fuzz and life on the surface, just like those busy egg laying stoneflies do.

Europea Caddis Variant

Europea 12 Variant with CdC

On the water, the caddis is a lively fly. Never resting, always whirling and poking around on the water film. This fly is my go-to caddis with a nice surprise. A CdC feather is palmered on the shank to create the illusion of movement and legs.

Rena Caddis

The Rena Caddis