Misc Fly Tying Patterns

Misc Fly Tying Patterns

These are my Midge Fly Tying Patterns and those I use when fly fishing in streams and waters. I realize that I only share a few, and maybe I should add to the database. But the fact that there are so few midges on this page is probably not because I have been lazy posting, but probably because I only use a couple dry midges when out fishing. My approach to matching the hatch and fly tying is practical. I am not into the artistry. I am more a craftsman than an artist. All my midges have been fished day in and day out.

The midge fly tying patterns are tested and proven,
and they’ll match any midge hatch in the world.

Using Misc Fly Tying Patterns

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Gunnar Bingens Dyret

Dyret is an animal in evenings. Catches fish when those swimming pupae are out. A great caddis imitation by one of the great creative fly tiers from Rena, Norway.

Black and Peacock

Black and Peacock beetle

The Black and Peacock is as simple as it gets – just black cock hackle and peacock herl on a dry fly hook. Takes just minutes to tie, and is a good searching pattern. The Black and Peacock imitates a swimming and drowning beetle. It is an all round pattern, but is especially well suited for […]

Emerger Attractor Grayling

Emerger Attractor Grayling

In the last stages of the preparation for the coming season, I turn experimental. The Emerger Attractor Grayling is an untested pattern but in my eyes it should work as an emerger like attractor pattern – designed for grayling. UPDATE: The Emerger Attractor Grayling is now tested for two seasons – it works great and […]