The Black and Peacock is as simple as it gets – just black cock hackle and peacock herl on a dry fly hook. Takes just minutes to tie, and is a good searching pattern. The Black and Peacock imitates a swimming and drowning beetle. It is an all round pattern, but is especially well suited for still waters and rivers close to the forest.


As fly tiers we love to sit at the vice and produce technically difficult flies. Some go the extra mile and tie realistic bugs that’s close to identical to the natural role model. This little devil doesn’t really imitate anything. On a good day one can say that it’s supposed to be a beetle or an ant (on a very forgiving day, that is). But really – its just a collection of attractors.

The peacock herl is a well known attractor on may flies, e.g. the Palmer Midge. This pattern is found in several different variants, such as the Red Tag, the Coch-y-Bondhu or the Grey/Brown hackle.

If you’re afraid of loosing river credibility, you should put it in the fly box that you never show anyone. Probably you should fish it when you’re alone.

But aware – The Black & Peacock is a fish catcher like nothing else and one of the flies you turn to when you don’t know what to tie on.


Hook: Hends BL 454, size 12-16
Thread: UNI 8/0 Black
Abdomen: Two peacock herls
Hackle: Black cock hackle

Materials are listed in order of tying. Use super glue on the shank to secure the herl.

Fishing Tips

Dry dip and dead drift. Fish wet if you want to, or riffle it.

There are several options when it comes to good dry fly hooks. Here’s a good resource site by Håvard Eide on fly hooks, and more information on the Hends BL 454 dry fly hook.