Entries by Kjell S. Rakkenes

Black and Peacock beetle

The Black and Peacock is as simple as it gets – just black cock hackle and peacock herl on a dry fly hook. Takes just minutes to tie, and is a good searching pattern. The Black and Peacock imitates a swimming and drowning beetle. It is an all round pattern, but is especially well suited for […]

Glue Buzzer

The Glue Buzzer is really a standard glass bead buzzer pattern. It’s not the most beautiful variant, but a fast tie and an extremely efficient one. Try it on a lake or still water in combination with a dry – fish it with careful hand twists and confidence.

Stonefly and Caddis in May

I visit my rivers like a river keeper throughout the year. I know exactly what the water levels are, how they’re doing and what to expect next. I live with them and think I understand their cycle. Even though the changing climate is contributing to new and unexpected entries in my diary, I pretty much […]