Gary La Fontaine is a master of observation and creativity. He designed the Sparkle Pupae series, but the La Fontaine mayfly halo emerger is often forgotten. It should not be.  


The Mayfly Halo Emerger is explained and described here.

When you tie it, you’ll have to start at the rear. Wrap the Antron or Z-lon from about the barb, a bit down the curve and the back again. Secure with thread and tie in 2-3 tips of a Ostrich Mini Plumes (originally Marabou). I prefer to use two.

Then go back up to about 1/3 of the shank length from the hook eye. Wind the thread in a figure-eight motion, binding a strip of foam (the type you’ll find electrical articles are wrapped in when new) onto the shank. Fold the strip back on each side and tie two loops of foam. Secure with figure eights. Then dub abdomen, slightly tapered towards the thorax. Tie in a spike of fiery orange deer hair.

Even if the fly looks strange, it works fantastic as a general mayfly emerger. Vary the colors of the abdomen to suit your waters and the hatches you’d like to imitate.


Hook: Standard dry 10-18 (e.g. TMC 100)
Thread: Sheer 12/0 Orange
Tag: White Antron or Z-lon
Tails: Ostrich Mini Plumes (brown)
Halo: Strip of closed foam
Abdomen: Brown Olive squirrel dub with SLF.
Wing: Fiery orange deer hair

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Read more about the TMC 100SP-BL here

Fishing Tips

Apply a sparse amount of floatant on the deer hair only. Fish as a normal emerger – dead drift.