Caddis Fly Tying Patterns

Caddis Fly Tying Patterns

This page is a full overview of my adult Caddis fly tying patterns . Our approach to fly tying is functional and practical, but we do admit that Gary La Fontaine is close to our single source for inspiration. His studies of the Caddisflies, the imitations and fish respons is probably the most important work in fly fishing and fly tying history.  This page contains several proven and tested caddis fly tying patterns. Some are my designs and others are variations to popular caddis fly tying patterns.

But all share one common denominator – they do catch fish and match the hatch.

Using Caddis Fly Tying Patterns

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Detached Body Caddis

Detached Body Caddis

The Detached Body Caddis is a buggy all-purpose pattern that should be in everyone’s fly box. In my waters it comes to good use in early summer when the small white winged bugs are emerging. The prime time for this one is in the first part of the season, and in the final stages of […]


Gunnar Bingens Dyret

Dyret is an animal in evenings. Catches fish when those swimming pupae are out. A great caddis imitation by one of the great creative fly tiers from Rena, Norway.

Stonefly Caddis

The Stonefly Caddis

The Stonefly Caddis does great on a caddis hatch. Equally it can be fished as a egg laying stonefly. The CdC under the deer hair wing creates fuzz and life on the surface, just like those busy egg laying stoneflies do.