Hans Weilenmann created this simple caddis pattern some years ago. The CdC and Elk is a great pattern that always works as it is supposed to. Can imitate both Caddis and Mayflies.


This is a nothing but a fantastic fly imitating the caddis, but it also proves to be a real killer bug in mayfly hatches. The fly is created by Hans Weilenmann and is one of my favorite flies when dealing with difficult fish. Here is Hans’ description of the fly:

The inspiration for the CDC&Elk has been Al Troth’s classic Elk Hair Caddis. EHC is a great fly, but I like to think the CDC&Elk improves on this great pattern. It is, if possible, better floating. It is surprisingly durable. The illusion of movement/life is provided by the straggling CDC barbs which suggest any or all of the following: straggling legs, antenna, trailing shuck, crippled wings, etc. It is tied with easily obtainable materials and fast/simple to tie

You really should give it a try, and tie it in sizes from 12 down to 16


Hook: Mustad 94840, TMC 102 or TMC BL 454, here size 14
Thread: Uni 8/0, Tan
Body/hackle: CdC, type 1, natural brown
Wing: Fine tipped natural deer hair

Materials are listed in order of tying

Fishing tips

Apply flotant – peferably Dry Dip. Do not use a greasy oil, it will restrict the free movement on the CdC barbs.

I fish it several ways. Obviously it is well suited for dead drift, but if it gets soaked and drowns i catches fish when fished wet. The fly is easy to dry with a couple of false casts. After fish, just wash in the river. Blow-dry and use Amadou/or false casting, and it’s ready for duty again.