Clear Water Emerger

Clear Water Mayfly Emerger

The Clear Water Mayfly Emerger is a perfect imitation where the stream flows slowly, the water is clear and shallow. It is tied to get as close as possible to the real thing, with few but necessary attractors. Do not be afraid to tie it on a size 10, and not 8 as I do […]

Keeping a fly fishing diary

Do you keep a diary of your days out fly fishing? If not, you should. During off-season the records of the days out is the perfect tool for planning your next trips. The Diary is also an  invaluable tool when you are sitting at the fly tying bench trying to remember last years hatch.

Needle Fly

Needle Fly an October Surprise

It’s something about fall. Crystal clear waters, razor sharp air, morning frost and a symphony in colors are nature’s last serving before the kitchen bell rings, and the season close.

Danica Emerger

Danica Emerger

The Ephemera Danica is the largest mayfly in Norway. Measuring up to 2,5 centimeters (one inch) the hatch of this beautiful mayfly is the most important during the season. When these guys appear, the big and picky trout looks to the surface for food.

Stonefly and Caddis in May

Stonefly and Caddis in May

I visit my rivers like a river keeper throughout the year. I know exactly what the water levels are, how they’re doing and what to expect next. I live with them and think I understand their cycle. Even though the changing climate is contributing to new and unexpected entries in my diary, I pretty much […]

Spring fly fishing

Spring fly fishing

When it comes to preparation for spring fly fishing, few things change. I pretty much fish the same flies as last year. I to reach for my favorite rod the lines and I am used to. But most importantly my flies are pretty much the same. Here are my favorite flies for spring fly fising […]

Danica Sulphur

The Danica and Sulphur in July

If you’re lucky you get to experience a Super Hatch. I was lucky to fish one this summer. The Danica and the Sulphur hatches were both peaking during the same days in July last years.


Spring Baetis Hatch

Mid May 2015: We were all set and ready to go for our 10th trip of the season. With low expectations, I set out as always with high hopes. The weather was unstable. Overcast, but the forecast predicted rising temperatures, no wind and a chance to see the sun in the afternoon. Still a hope, […]