Midge Emerger Fly Tying PatternsMIDGE EMERGER

Midge Emerger Fly Tying Patterns

This page is a full overview of my midge emerger fly tying patterns. Fishing them is one of the most rewarding and interesting fly fishing activities you can do. It requires patience and good nerves. When the trout attacks, they do so with a decisive strike and run with the line. The best of all is that you do not need a bag full of different imitations. On these pages you’ll find my standard midge emerger fly tying patterns. They are a good starting point for any fly fisher in still waters and streams. They are my designs and variations to popular midge emerger fly tying patterns.

All share one common artifact – they do match the hatch.

Using Midge Emerger Fly Tying Patterns

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Glue Buzzer

Glue Buzzer

The Glue Buzzer is really a standard glass bead buzzer pattern. It’s not the most beautiful variant, but a fast tie and an extremely efficient one. Try it on a lake or still water in combination with a dry – fish it with careful hand twists and confidence.

Rabbit Midge Emerger

Rabbit midge emerger

On Rabbit Midge Emerger I am on borrowed land. I found this amazing pattern on YouTube, tied by Eivind Berulfsen. Don’t let the easy design fool you. Having fished it for some seasons, I am convinced that the Rabbit Midge Emerger is going to be one of my favorites for early season midge fishing.

Puff Wing Midge Buzzer

Puff Wing Midge Buzzer

The Puff Wing Midge Buzzer is a simple midge emerger, that’s proven extremely effective on midge hatches on still waters. Change the wing to something less wild, if you want.