On Rabbit Midge Emerger I am on borrowed land. I found this amazing pattern on YouTube, tied by Eivind Berulfsen. Don’t let the easy design fool you. Having fished it for some seasons, I am convinced that the Rabbit Midge Emerger is going to be one of my favorites for early season midge fishing.


I am not very advanced when it comes to midges. I stick to a few patterns that I trust. Every other year I stumble over a new idea, or a modification to an old pattern that I make during the season.

I think midges should be tied with as little material as possible. This one fit that specification perfectly. With just thread in the body, seal or SLF in the thorax and a sparse rabbit foot as the floating device it’s both an easy tie and a buggy looking devil.

To be honest, I am not decided on the color combinations for this fly. Berulfsen ties it black and white – thus the name. I have a few modified variants here, but I guess it’s more of an aesthetic variation than anything else. I guess you’ll be fine tying it in the original way.

I have included Eivind Berulfsen’s SBS on YouTube.


Hook: TMC 212TR, sizes 13-19
Thread: Danville 6/0 black (you’ll need the thick thread for ribbing)
Wing: Rabbit Foot or Snowshoe Hare
Body: The tying thread. Flatten for body, spin for ribbing.
Thorax: Seal or SLF spun on the thread

Materials are listed in order of tying. Flatten the thread when creating the body, and spin it again for the rib. Be sparse on the seal/SLF. Mix your own color combinations. Use Bug Bond or UV Glue on the body.

Read more about the TMC212TR here

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant on the rabbit hair and thorax. Dead drift in rivers, still in still water. Sudden and careful movements to trigger fish.