When the water is shallow, gin clear and the stream is flowing slowly you’re into trouble. You can’t choose any emerger pattern to fool the fish when thy turn selective on emerging mayflies (E.danica). The Danica Clear Water Emerger is a super pattern to fool fish when they are not easily fooled.


This is a pattern that comes out of experience. The fluffy cork-floating patterns that works well on faster streams, don’t always to the trick when the waters are opposite – slow, clear and shallow.

The special twist with this pattern is the rather long and heavy shuck and the rabbit foot wing. The pattern passes the test for easy tying. Once you get hold of it, you’ll tie it in fifteen minutes.

When tying it, remember to use wax on the thread throughout. A dry wax for the hair, and when touch dubbing use a sticky wax.

It is also ok to tie it on a size 10 hook, although size 8 is more closely to the natural. I do both. I use the Tiemco 200R on this fly. It works perfectly, but I guess you can use several alternatives. The Mustad equivalent is perfect, and you could try to tie it on a long shank straight dry fly hook.


Hook: TMC 200R, sizes 8-10
Thread: Danville Brown
Shuck: Z-lon or Antron, Cream/Golden
Wing Splitter: 6-7 barbules of Pheasant Tail
Wing No1: Elk Hair, dyed Golden Olive
Thorax: Light Olive and/or Brown Olive Hare with SLF
Wing No2: Rabbit Foot dyed Golden Olive

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Read more about the TMC 200R here

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant on the wing and thorax. Fish as normal and dead drift.

Danica Clear Water Emerger Step-by-Step

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