The Rena Caddis Emerger is my own variation on the caddis emerger that I find particularly effective in the River Rena (Renaelva) during normal conditions. Even though most caddises does not emerge in water, I find this pattern particularly effective during the early stages of a caddis hatch. 


There are several innovative patterns for the caddis emerger. Some are pure attractors, but this is a simple yet effective pattern that tries to imitate the hatching pupae.

During the years I have tried several different ways to tie such an emerger, but I always start fishing with this pattern when the hatch is on. Usually it’s spot on.

What makes it special is that the entire emerger hangs under the surface on a CdC feather. The partridge legs are important. I use black speckled on white. Guess you can use brown or golden if you find that more attractive.


Hook: TMC 212Y and Hends BL 554 size 14
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 Black
Nymphback: ScudBack 1/8 Brown
Rib: Black 6/0 Danville
Abdomen: Silk Dubbing Light reddish brown
Legs: Partridge neck
Wing: Two natural brown CdC feathers (Tied two different ways on the two variants)
Antenna: Black Elk Hair

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant on the CdC tip only. Do not apply floatant on the body, since the emerger entirely should be under the film – only the feather is over. Fished dry and dead drift with a long leader.