A baetis spent spinner should be made of cock hackle that is tied up to make a durable fly with exceptional floating capabilities. This baetis spent spinner is a go-to and must have pattern in your box. But you´ll need a variety in your box. Also read the supplemental articles on how to fish the baetis spent spinner and the floating test.


Although this is named the Baetis Spent Spinner, it is an overall imitation of several may fly species in the Norwegian rivers. The Baetis is the most common  mayfly in my waters, so tying up some of these in different sizes is a good idea. I tie them in from size 12 to 18.

The wings on this fly are special. They are cock hackle tied up to and spread to represent the wings. This results in a fly with fantastic floating capabilities. The fly is also durable since the wings will keep their shape, even after a few fish.

Use a hackle with a soft and thin stem. I prefer Whiting above all other hackle for the purpose. If you’re gonna spoil the trout, and yourself, use Hebert-Mining hackle.

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Hook: Hends BL 454, or any standard dry fly  hook
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 Olive
Tail: Micro Fibettes
Abdomen: FlyRite #32 Rusty Olive
Wing: Medium Dun Whiting Cock hackle
Thorax: The same as abdomen

Materials are listed in order of tying

Important to use a thin thread when tying the wing. I often use a 16/0 white thread when tying the wing, and tie it off before continuing with the 12/0 olive. I also use Bug Bond to fix the wing.

Fishing Tips

Dead drift and DryDip