The Cinnamon caddis emerger has been tested the past few seasons with great result. It is a good emerger pattern for the Caddis hatch, but also a good allround pattern for the river. The Cinnamon Caddis tied with shorter wings turns into a great egg laying caddis.


It’s a fun fly to tie and it is a fairly fast fly to tie. The thing with this pattern is the split deer hair wings that creates an exiting profile.

Tapering is the key to the fly. Be careful to create a distinct taper and a rather heavy thorax. Brush the dubbing to create an even more bug like appearance to the fly.

If you vary the length of the wing, the pattern can also be fished as an egg laying caddis pattern. Short wing for emergers, longer wings for egg laying caddis.


Hook: Hends BL 454 or TMC 2488/87, size 10-14
Thread: Sheer 12/0 Orange
Rib: Pearl Tinsel
Abdomen: SLF Dubbing – mixed Cinnamon and Rusty Brown (60/40)
Wing cover: Pheasant tail (10-12 fibres) or brown Antron
Thorax: SLF mix as for Abdomen, but mix in dark brown Squirrel
Legs: Partridge or Teal Flank
Antennas: Pheasant Tail

Materials are listed in order of tying. Use bug bond on wing cover and head.

Fishing Tips

Dead drift and apply floatant to wing only.