The Claret Dun (Mahogany Dun), or Lepto’s as we call them in Norway, can offer fantastic opportunities. When the Marginata is hatching, I usually turn to this imitation of the Leptophlebia Marginata Comparadun.


Studying the Leptophlebias you’ll instantly see two striking features. Firstly, they’re almost black. Like chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa. Secondly their clearly segmented by suttle creamy lines. And, if you lift one up and hold it up against the light you’ll see that the black really consist of a dark brown and claret hues.

I use the Leptophlebia Marginata Comparadun primarily when imitating the Marginata. Even though I always carry versions in the size of the Vespertina, the latter hatch is best fished with emergers (like this one) and a nymph. The Marginata is in my opinion best fished with a dun imitation and a nymph.

This pattern is based on the well known Comparadun pattern, but my variation is both ribbed with a thin tying thread and has a thorax with squirrel dub. In combination with the deer hair wing and the badger tails I believe the fly is buggy as hell.

The Leptophlebia Marginata Comparadun is a fish catcher beyond compare.


Hook: Tiemco TMC 100SP-BL 12-16 (or a similar dry fly hook)
Thread: Veevus 14/0 Black
Wing: Coastal Deer Hair, dark
Tails: Norwegian Badger, dyed brown (Thanks Vegar)
Abdomen:  Fly Rite #6 Chocolate Brown, but mix in 10 % FlyRite #13 Claret. Alternatively MahoganySuper Fine Dub.
Rib: Veevus B10 14/0 Tying Tread (Cahill)
Thorax: Davy Wotton Squirrel Dubbing, Dark Brown (spun on thread)

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Read more about the TMC 100SP-BL here

Fishing Tips

Apply a good floatant, such as the Dry Dip Super on the entire fly. This is fished like a usual dry may fly.