The Marginata Profile Dun is really a variation of the Comparadun. It floats a bit lower in the water, and is thus best suited for those days when there’s no wind. The pattern yields crisp and well presented body profile.


I use the Profile Dun pattern on the Baetis Rhodani and Ephmemerella Ignita, and on this fly. I love the way the wing profile force the body to sink into the film, creating a crystal clear profile of the Marginata. I like to tie the fly with a fuzzy thorax from Squirrel in order to suggest legs. Combined with the badger tails the result is an imitation with lots of buggy features.

The alternative Marginata (se here) has wings from Deer Hair. Those create a robust fly maybe best suited for windy days. When there is a light breeze, the CdC wing sway delicately with the wind.  Maybe a trigger – maybe not.

The No Hackle based patterns is very well suited for this type of may fly. The idea is old, but made popular Swisher and Richards with their flies with Mallard wings. In recent years those delicate patterns have been replaced by CdC or Deer Hair wings, basically doing the same job but the flies being more durable.


Hook: Hends BL 454 12-14 (or a similar dry fly hook)
Thread: Veevus 14/0 Black
Wing: Natural Brown CdC
Tails: Norwegian Badger, dyed brown
Abdomen:  Fly Rite #6 Chocolate Brown, but mix in 10 % FlyRite #13 Claret. Alternatively MahoganySuper Fine Dub.
Rib: Veevus B10 14/0 Tying Tread (Cahill)
Thorax: Davy Wotton Squirrel Dubbing, Dark Brown (spun on thread)

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Read more about the Hends BL 454 here

Fishing Tips

High and dry  – dead drift as most other dry duns.