The Danica Spent Spinner has wings from tied up hackle. It makes the fly durable and it floats like a boat. Be generous with the tailing fibres to increase floatability.


This is my go-to spent spinner for fishing those Danica (Mayfly) spinner falls on the warm summer nights in early July. I have tried several patterns throughout the years, but this one has proven to be the best imitations in my waters. It is easy to tie, but the wings and the abdomen takes time to tie. But, it does not matter since the fly is super-durable, floats like a boat and is loved by the trout.


Hook: TMC 200R, sizes 8 and 10
Thread:Benecchi 12/0 Tan
Wing: Whiting Farms Golden Badger Cock
Tail: Coq de Leon
Abdomen: Flyrite #25 and #28
Thorax: Brown Polypropylene dubbing, touch dubbed and spun on the thread

Materials are listed in order of tying

Fishing Tips

Use a 4X tippet if your trout allows it – otherwise 5X. The fly is fished dead drift.