An BWO Ignita Parachute Spinner in the before it dies and turns into a spent spinner. This pattern is also perfect for evening fly fishing, regardless of what’s on the water. The golden light of the evening sun seems to work well with the organge hues on this fly.


The Ignita is one of the most important mayflies in the rivers in Hedmark, Oppland and Sør Trøndelag where I fish. Next to the Baetis species it is the most enduring hatcher during the flyfishing season in the eastern parts of Norway.

The Ignita is 6-10 millimetre in size, and is often considered to be the little sister to the Aurivilli. Although the main hatch is from late June through September, in good seasons you may fish the Ignita from May through October.

This variant is meant to represent the spinner phase, or “The Sherry Spinner” as it is also called. If you are to tie a Dun variant you may want to tie it more olive or olive brown. Please note that the colour changes dramatically between different rivers.


Hook: Standard dry fly hooks #14-18
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Orange
Wing: Poly yarn, Light Grey
Hackle: Whiting Ginger Barred Medium
Tail: Coq de Leon – split
Body: FlyRite #18, #11, #33 (80-10-10)

Use sparse amount of dubbing. Taper in a cigar shape is the usual – here is a slim version that I use in two particular rivers. Do not overdo the hackle, three turns is in my opinion plenty in most conditions. Do not use a grinder when mixing the FlyRite dubbing. Use your hands.

Materials are listed in order of tying

Fishing tips

This fly must float unaffected and with no drag what so ever. I fish with a very long leader (at least 12 ft, plus a tippet). Apply Dry Dip for floatant.