The Paraloop style has never really caught the attention from the fly fishing community. But if you’re a sucker for well presented body profiles, this is the one to try. The Paraloop BWO emerger is a punky, yet effective choice when mayflies are on the run.


I will not try to hide the fact that you’ll need 20/20 vision to spot the fly in dusk or bad light. But fished in good light condition, it should not be any problems to spot the fly in the film (it will float low).

As you’ll see it is a traditional sparkle dun pattern, only that the Comparadun wing (or the paradun wing) is switched with the paraloop hackle. The fly will float well into the film, and the fish will see the entire profile of the abdomen. Great for fish and for those of us who believe that Swisher/Richards were right – that a well presented body is all important when it comes to trigger the fish to take the fly.

Intuitively I would use a grizzly paraloop hackle, but experience suggest that a reddsh brown/ginger hackle serves as an additional trigger.


Hook: TMC 100 or any ordinary dry fly hook, sizes 12-18
Thread: UNI 8/0 Olive Dun
Shuck: Olive Antron or Z-lon
Abdomen: FlyRite #10 Blue Wing Olive and #32 Rusty Olive (60/40)
Post: Danville Depth Ray Nylon
Hackle: Whiting Cock Ginger or Brown

Materials are listed in order of tying.

Fishing Tips

Apply floatant to hackle and thorax only.