Mayflies often hatch parallel to the surface, but somehow this pattern work well during hatches. The CdC Mayfly Emerger is a variant of several similar patterns. Try the pattern and you’ll be surprised.


This is a very good emerger pattern, suitable for most of the mayflies in sizes 14 and down. You can tie it with or without the shuck, but the shuck works well as a trigger for the fish. Depending on how you would like to fish it, it can be tied on different hook profiles. This one is “deep” and is really not the correct profile for a hatching mayfly, but for some strange reason i works well. Guess it’s because its just buggy


Hook: TMC 212, size 14
Thread: Uni 8/0, olive
Shuck: Olive Antron or Z-lon
Abdomen: Hends Body Quill, BQ-39, Olive green
Wing: Three CdC, natural grey
Thorax: Squirrel, brown

Materials are listed in order of tying

Fishing tips

Apply floatant to bubble and thorax. Fish dead drift