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This is the English Fly Fishing and Fly Tying blog at Rakkenes.com. We blog both in English and Norwegian. This section of the site provides a list of all articles posted in English. Note that most of the texts on the site is written in English. The Norwegian texts are considered to be of interest to the Norwegian fly fishing community only.

Plastic in fly fishing

Plastic in fly fishing

Ten Rivers Trip started out as an idea to motivate my son into fly fishing. The concept has turned into a project and is fast turning into a drive promoting a campaign for more sustainable fly fishing. Should we ban plastic in fly fishing and fly tying materials?

Insect and Hatch Report

Hatch and insect report for Trysil Insect Guide

A season in the Trysil River is unmatched to any other fly fishing experience I know of. The river is a diverse organism starting at the borders of Engerdal county in the north, frothing thorugh the valley south to Innbygda, then passing smoothly to Nybergsund. Finally, she glides across the border into Sweden. On the other side, […]

Clear Water Emerger

Clear Water Mayfly Emerger

The Clear Water Mayfly Emerger is a perfect imitation where the stream flows slowly, the water is clear and shallow. It is tied to get as close as possible to the real thing, with few but necessary attractors. Do not be afraid to tie it on a size 10, and not 8 as I do […]